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Civil Engineering Equipment

Our company is positioned amidst the celebrated Civil Engineering Equipment Manufacturers in India. The Civil Engineering Testing Equipment is ideally designed meeting the specific requirements of the concerned area. Additionally, customers are also eased with the availability of the Civil Engineering Equipments at the most affordable prices.

Salient Features

  • Tested for quality
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • High performing
  • Long lasting
  • Perfect finishing

Range Available

  • Vernier Transit Theodolite
  • Quick Set Dumpy Level
  • Leveling Staff
  • Plane Table
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Ranging Rod
  • Measuring Survey Chain
  • Cross Staff
  • South Automatic Level
  • Automatic Level, Setl
  • Metallic Tape
  • Microptic Theodolite
  • South Total Station
  • Vicat Needle Apparatus
  • Le-chatelier
  • Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus
  • Aggregate Impact Tester
  • Compaction Factor Apparatus
  • Sieves
  • Auto Level with Tripod Stand
  • Theodolite

Additional Information

Product Code Civil Engineering Eq


Environment & Bio Engineering Lab

1 ENV 101 Deep bed filter column
2 ENV 102 Aeration unit
3 ENV 103 Anaerobic digester
4 ENV 104 Bio-gas digester
5 ENV 105 Aerobic digester
6 ENV 106 Flocculation unit
7 ENV 107 Sedimentation studies apparatus
8 ENV 108 Model sedimentation tank
9 ENV 109 Drainage & seepage tank


1 CRE101 RTD Studies in C.S.T.R.
2 CRE102 Adiabatic batch reactor
3 CRE103 Emulsion polymerization set up
4 CRE104 Isothermal C.S.T.R
5 CRE105 Annular UV photo reactor
6 CRE106 Plug flow reactor (straight tube type)
7 CRE107 Cascade C.S.T.R.
8 CRE108 Isothermal plug flow reactor (coiled tube type)
9 CRE109 Plug flow reactor (coiled Tube Type)
10 CRE110 Recycled bed reactor
11 CRE111 Isothermal batch reactor
12 CRE112 Isothermal semi-batch reactor
13 CRE113 Continuous stirred tank reactor (C.S.T.R)
14 CRE114 Packed bed reactor
15 CRE115 RTD studies in plug flow reactor
16 CRE116 Combine flow reactor
17 CRE117 Condensation polymerization set-up
18 CRE118 Kinetics of dissolution of benzonic acid
19 CRE119 Hydrodynamics of trickle bed reactor
20 CRE120 Spinning basket reactor
21 CRE121 RTD of packed bed reactor