Micro Technologies

Dental Equipment

Quality has never been an issue with the Dental Equipment that we offer as we make each one undergo stringent quality tests. We are often called the best Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Dental Equipment from Haryana, India. We make use of high-grade materials in the fabrication of the equipment. Besides, we offer dental chair units, dental units, UV chambers, sterilizers, dental surgical, and so on.


Details :

  • Dfg-1 Ddri Glass Bead Sterilizer
  • Light Cure Unit Cordless (imported)
  • Ultrasonic Scaler ( from Woodpecker Ce Approved
  • Dfl-350 Dental Surgical
  • Dfx-70 (s) Ddri Dental X-ray (scissor Arms)
    • Dfx 70 Ddri Dental X- Ray (pantographic Arms)
  • Dfop-01 Ddri Dental Operating Microscope
  • 1gpdm-80 Dental Operating Microscope (gippon –inc Japan)
  • Ddri Air Rotor Control Box
  • Dfma 690 Mini Air Rotor Control Box
  • Dfa-690 Ddri Auto Clave
  • Dfa(s)-690 S.s. Seamless
    • Dfa(a)- 690powder  Coated Aluminum Autoclave (10 Ltr)
  • S.s. Drum for Autoclave
  • Dfh-690 Ddri Hot Air Sterilizer (s.s. Chamber)
  • Microprocessor Based Automatic Sterilizer 
  • 2day Light Developer Box (manual)
  • Dfms-400 Double Bottle Powerful Mobile Suction
  • Dfms-401 Double Bottle Powerful Mobile Suction
  • Dfac 01-oil Free Compressor (imported)
  • Ddri Dental Air Compressor