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Electronics Instruments

We are looked upon as one of the staggering Electronics Instruments Exporters from India. The unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance has attracted various national as well as international clients to place orders for the Electronics Measuring Instruments. The use of optimum quality materials and advanced technology has made the Electronics Instruments ideal for various industrial applications.

Salient Features
  • Sturdy construction
  • Long lasting
  • High performance
  • Easy to handle
  • Require low maintenance
  • Competitive pricing

Demanded In
  • Electronic Industry

Range Available

Analog MultimeterAuto Transformers (Variac)
Analog to Digital (a/d) ConvertorCommon Emitter
Audio Frequency Function GeneratorDemostration/demountable Transformers
Auto Transformers (Variac)Diode Valve Mounted
Banana PlugsFixed Frequency Sine Wave
Battery ChargersHalf Wave/full Wave & Bridge Rectifier Apparatus
Bh Curve ApparatusLow Voltage Power Supply-ac/dc 10 Amp.
Clipping & Clamping Circuit ApparatusPhase Shift Oscillator
Colpitt OscillatorResistances in Series & Parallel Apparatus
Common EmitterStudy of 4 Bit Adder and Subtractor Study of 4-1line (four Input & One Output)
Dc Regulated Power SupplyTriode Valve Mounted
Decade Inductance BoxVerification of Boolean Identities & emorgan Theorems
Demostration/demountable TransformersBanana Plugs
Diac Characteristics ApparatusDc Regulated Power Supply
Digital MultimeterDual Channel Regulated Power Supplies
Digital TrainerHartley Oscillators
Diode Valve Characteristics ApparatusLogic Gates Using Ttl Ic (6 in 1)
Diode Valve MountedN-p-n Transistor Unit
Dual Channel Regulated Power SuppliesPlank Constant Apparatus
E/m by Thompson MethodScr Characteristics Apparatus
Electroforsis Power SupplyStudy of Applications of Operational Amplifier
Energy Band Gap Pn Junction DiodeUjt Characteristics Apparatus Verification of Kcl and Kvl
Fet Characteristics ApparatusAudio Frequency Function Generator
Fixed Frequency Sine WaveColpitt Oscillator
Fixed Output Dc Regulated Powers SuppliesDiac Characteristics Apparatus
Half Wave/full Wave & Bridge Rectifier ApparatusE/m by Thompson Method
Hartley OscillatorsFixed Output Dc Regulated
Ionization PotentialIonization Potential
Lcr Impediance Circuit ApparatusAverage & Rms Value of a Ac Signal. Ohm Law Apparatus
Lcr Resonance ApparatusPower Supply Digital
Ldr Characteristics Apparatus Low Voltage Power Supply - Ac/dc 3 Amp Average & Rms Value of a Ac Signal Ohms Law ApparatusSemiconductor Diode/pn Junction Diode
Logic Gates Using Ttl Ic (6 in 1)Transistor Characteristics Apparatus
Low Voltage Power Supply-ac/dc 10 Amp.Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus
Measurement of PeakVarification of Network Theorms
Mosfet Characteristics ApparatusN-p-n Transistor Unit
P-n-p Transistor UnitPhase Shift Oscillator
Plank Constant ApparatusPower Supply Digital
Power Supply E.h.t,Power Supply for Electromagnetic Kit
Rc Coupled Transistor AmplifierResistances in Series & Parallel Apparatus
Scr Characteristics ApparatusSemiconductor Diode/pn Junction Diode
Sine/square Oscillator 1 Hz - 1 Mhz.Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus
Standard Cell Substitute Study of Arithmatic Logic Unit (alu)Study of 4 Bit Adder and Subtractor Study of 4-1line (four Input & One Output)
Study of Applications of Operational AmplifierTetrode/pentode Valve Characteristics
Thermistor Characteristics ApparatusTransistor Amplifier
Transistor Characteristics ApparatusTriac Characteristics Apparatus
Triode Valve Characteristics ApparatusTriode Valve Mounted
Ujt Characteristics Apparatus Verification of Kcl and KvlVacuum Tube Volt-ohmeter (vtvm)
Variable CapacitorsVarification of Network Theorms
Verification of Boolean Identities & Emorgans TheoremsVoltage Stablization Characteristics Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus.
Wein Bridge Oscillator

  • Microprocessor Lab, Communication Lab, PCB Lab, Control System Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Computer Lab, Power Electronics Lab, VHDL FPGA Lab, Instrumentation and Control Lab
  • BATTERY ELIMINATORS : Battery Charger, Characteristics Apparatus of Vacume Tubes (Valves), Characteristics of Semiconductor Devices, Transformers
  • EDUCATIONAL ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS : Verification of Various Laws, AC/DC Power Supplies
  • VERIFICATION OF NETWORK THEOREMS : Fixed Output I.C. Regulated Power Supply, Electronic Standard Cell Substitutes, General Electronic Section
  • MEASURING INSTRUMENTS & EQUIPMENT : Characteristics & Applications of Operational Amplifiers, Study of Multivibrator IC 555, Oscillators
  • AMPLIFIERS : Analog Measuring Instruments, Digital Training Boards, Inductances
  • DECADE INDUCTANCE BOX : Condensers, Decade Condenser Boxes Dial Pattern, AC/DC Moving Coil Panel Meters
  • ACTIVE & PASSIVE FILTERS CIRCUITS (STUDY OF FREQUENCY RESPONSE) : Dial Type Resistance Boxes, Component Development Systems, Post Office Boxes-Plug Type
  • RESISTANCE BOXES DIAL TYPE : Resistance Boxes Plug Type, Resistance Bridge Electrical, Resistance Coils
  • LOGIC GATES : Operational Amplifiers, P.N,/Zener Diodes, Plugs Keys and Switches
  • RHEOSTAT (SPECIAL RANGE) : Rheostat Slide Wire (Open Type), Training Kits for Communication Lab, Transistors