Micro Technologies

Measurement Trainers

We bring forth an array of high-quality Measurement Trainers for the global market. We are enlisted with the chief Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Measurement Trainers from Haryana, India. We have enough competency to provide the market with an array of Measurement Trainers, wherein each one is known for its efficiency and accurateness. Moreover, we are quite particular about quality and ascertain it in a foolproof manner.


Measurement Trainers :

  • Displacement Measurement Trainer
  • Peizo Electric Trainer
  • Resistance Measurement Trainer

Torque Measurement :

  • Torque Measurement
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Measurement Equipment

Trainer Equipments :

  • Capacitance Equipment
  • Level Measurement Equipment
  • Light Dependant Resister Equipment
  • Load Measurement Equipment

Sensors :

  • Load Cell Transducer
  • Pressure Cell Transducer
  • Torque Cell Transducer

Measurement Lab - Transducer Lab :

  • Viabration Measurement Trainer Module,
  • Flow Measurement Trainer
  • Using Orifice Meter,
  • Piezo-Electric Measurement Trainer Module,
  • Load Measurement Trainer Module,
  • Displacement Measurement Trainer Module,
  • Strain Measurement Trainer Module and
  • Viabration Measurement Trainer Module
  • Flow Measurement Trainer Using Orifice Meter
  • Piezo-Electric Measurement Trainer Module
  • Load Measurement Trainer Module

Control Lab Equipment :

  • Level Control Loop Trainer Model (ULP-24P & ULP-24C)
  • Current To Pressure
  • Measurement Trainer
  • Control Valve
  • Characteristics Trainer(ULP-23)
  • Flow Control Set Up Using
  • Pid Controller Ulp-25o & Ulp-25t

Tool Dynamometer :

  • Lathe Tool Dynamometer,
  • Drill Tool Dynamometer,
  • Milling Tool Dynamometer
  • Grinding Tool Dynamometer
  • Lathe Tool Dynamometer

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Trainer :

  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer,
  • Electro Pneumatic Circuit,
  • Electro Pneumatic Circuit
  • Employing PLC and Hydraulic Trainer

Plc Working Modules :

  • Bottling Plant Control Module,
  • Elevator Lift Control Module,
  • DC Motor,
  • Forward Reverse Control of Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Water Level Control Module
  • Pneumatic Cylinder

Plc Trainers :

  • PLC Trainer UI PLC 3D PLC Trainer UI PLC 3DA
  • PLC Trainer UI PLC 5D PLC Trainer UI PLC 5DA

PLC Sap Panels :

  • 9 channel data logger
  • 10 Channel Data Logger
  • L.D.R Trainer
  • Current To Pressure Trainer
  • PLC Equipment Speed Measurement