Micro Technologies

Research Equipment

We are looked upon as one of the reputed Research Equipment Manufacturers in India. The Scientific Research Equipment offered by us is manufactured using premium quality materials that assure high strength to the structure. Moreover, the Research Equipment complies with the universally accepted quality norms.

Salient Features
  • Rugged construction
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Long lasting
  • High efficiency
  • Fine finishing

Used In
  • Research Institutions

Range Available

Abbe Refractumeter Alluminium Test Tube Stands
Anaerobic Culture Jar Analytical Balances
Autoclaves Automatic Pipette Washer
Autovariacs B.O.D. Incubator
Ball Joint Clips Biological Equipment Slide Boxes
Biologicial/Physiological Kit Assembly Boss Heads
Burners For Glass Blowing Butyro Refractometer
Callipers Carbon & Sulphur Apparatus
Carbon Plates And Rods Catalytic Hydrogenators (Parr Type)
Centrifuge Machines Chromatoset
Clamps And Boss Heads Clinical Microscope
Conductivity Meters Cork Borers
Crucible Tongs Digital Automatic Micro Pipettes
Dissecators Dividing Machine
Flask Holders Flow Cup Viscometers
Gel Electorphoresis Apparatus Glass Blower Goggles
Glass Blowing Machines & Tools Glass Blowing Tools
Glass Cutting Machine Tools Glass Tube Cutting Machine Wet Cutting
Grinding Machine And Tools Heating Cord And Tapes
Heating Mantles Heating Mantles For Fat Extraction
Hoffman Screw Clips Hot Air Oven
Humidity Chamber Incubator
Infrared Moisture Balance Karl Fisher Titrimeter
Kjeldhal Digestion Unit Kjeldhal Distillation Unit
Laboratory Burners Laboratory Equipment (Pharmaceutical)
Laboratory Hot Plates Laboratory Jacks
Laboratory Rubber Tubing & Corks Laboratory Shakes
Laboratory Stirrers Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Melting Point Apparatus Micro Kjedhal Digestion Unit
Microscopes Microtomes
Muffle Furnace Musem Jars
Oxygen Regulators Paper Chromatography Cabinet
Paper Electrophoresis Apparatus Pentograph Machine
Ph Meters Photo Chemical Reactor
Polarimeter Polarimeter Tubes
Polariscope Quartz Chromatography Cabinet
Quartz Distillation Apparatus Reference Card Cabinets
Retort Rings Retort Stands
Rota Vapour (Standard) Rota Vapour Digital
Rotary Vaccum Film Evaporators Sieve Shaker
Silica Ware & Nickel Ware Slide Cabinet
Sodium Wire Press Soxhlet Extraction Heater
Spatulas Stopcock Opening Machine
Teflon Blade Stirrers Teflon Magnetic Rotors
Teflon Stuffing Box Glands Temperature Indicators
Test Sieves Thermometers
Tissue Homogenisers Tripod Stands
U.V. Inspection Cabinets U.V. Inspection Cabinets (Short & Long Wave)
Vacuum Filter Holder Vacuum Oven
Vacuum Pumps Vernier Microscope
Visual Equipments Voltage Stabilizers
Water And Soil Analysis Kits Water Stills
Water Taps & Gas Taps