Micro Technologies

Textile Testing Equipment

Our Textile Testing Equipment’s range comprises of yarn testing instruments, fabric testing instruments, fastness testing equipment, and many more. Our Textile Testing Equipment is renowned for accuracy and quality. And it is offered at most competitive prices in the market. We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Textile Testing Equipment from Haryana, India. Buyers can contact us for placing small as well as bulk orders for the equipment!


Yarn Testing Instruments : 

  • Comb Sorter,  
  • Wrap Reel (Semi Auto),  
  • Wrap Reel (Auto),  
  • Twist Tester (Semi Auto), 
  • Twist Tester (Auto Fix Length),  
  • Twist Tester (Variable Length 500 mm),   
  • Package Hardness Tester,  
  • Yarn Appearance Board Winder,  
  • Tensile Strength Tester,  
  • Digital Microscope,  
  • Crimp Rigidity Tester,  

Fabric Testing Instruments and Garment Testing Instruments :    

  • Universal Tensile Testing Machine,  
  • Yarn, Fabric & Sheet Thickness Gauge,  
  • Densimeter,  
  • Handy Ends counting Glass (8x),  
  • Handy Microscope (80x),  
  • Sequence Check Machine,  
  • GSM Cutter,  
  • Shrinkage Template,  
  • Water Repellency Tester,  
  • Fabric Extensioner,  
  • Elmendorf Type Tearing Strength Tester,  
  • Martindale Type Abrasion cum Pilling Tester,  
  • Zig Zag Cutter,  
  • Stiffness Tester,  
  • Digital Bursting Strength Tester,  
  • Crease Recovery Tester,  
  • Digital Pilling Tester, 
  • Water Impact Penetration Tester,

Fastness Testing Equipments :   

  • Sublimation Fastness Tester, 
  • Washing Fastness Tester,  
  • Light Fastness Tester,  
  • Crockmeter,  
  • Perspirometer,  

Weighing Equipments :

  • Pocket Weighing Scale (Acc.0.01 gm –Cap.100 gms),  
  • Digital Weighing Scale  (Acc.0.001 gm – Cap.50 gms),  

Process Monitoring Equipments : 

  • Digital Yarn Tension Meter,  
  • Stroboscope,   
  • Moisture Meter, 

Lab Dyeing & Matching Equipments :

  • HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine,  
  • Color Matching Cabinet,  
  • Open Bath / Water Bath,  
  • PH Meter,  
  • Hot Air Oven,  
  • Conductivity Meter,  
  • Oven,   
  • Grey scale for accessing staining,  
  • Grey Scale for assessing Change in Color